Sunday, April 26, 2009

My, Oh my moment, at Disneyland

So, as we were hustling to find a good spot on the Electric Light Parade, we notice a man standing in a corner looking about. Weird we thought, but continued on. As I looked back, I notice at that moment a child about 3 or4 (male) is peeing in the flowers! AT DISNEYLAND!!
I was shocked and speechless for second. I thought how could anyone disgrace the sacred ground of Disneyland, the land of happiness and dreams!
As I looked at my husband shocked, he just laughed and said "hey man, when you gotta go, you gotta go"

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renea said...

Oh Melanie!!!!!!! I love Snow White!!!! Oh Dear, I LOVE MELANIE! And I love Princess Aurora. Go back to Disney Land and get a little more pictures of them because I love princesses. I will send you a card with beautiful, beautiful stuff on it. And, I love you and I hope you have a good time in Japan. I will send you a hat for your cats...LOLOL! (she giggled like an insane person, I rhymed mom, I rhymed....get it? GEEESH!!"